Terapianurkka Raahe:
Physiotherapy And Hand Therapy

Eija Heikkinen, physiotherapist, spezialised in Hand Therapy

Terapianurkka Raahe's owner, PT Eija Heikkinen, is the only physioterapist in the Raahe area, who has specialised in hand therapy and works in the private sector. Hand therapy concists evaluating and treating injuries and conditiones of the upper extremity (ie shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand). Other conditions she's specialized in are patients suffering with CRPS , TOS and other chronic pain disorders, orthopedics, with periferic neural injuries and other injuries (fractures, strains etc). Before starting her own practice in 2011, she worked over 20 years in the Raahe hospital.

Spezialiced in:

  • shoulder problems (impingement, rotator cuff rupture, dislocation etc)
  • tennis elbow , carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetive strain injuries of forearm and hand
  • finger injuries
  • after hand surgerys
  • fractures
  • physiotherapy in CRPS and other chronic pain disorders
  • thoracic outlet syndtome (TOS)
  • orthopedics etc.

Contacts by phone 050-374 8767 (Mo to Fri 08.30 - 15.30) . If not answered, please leave a callback in the voice mail or a text message.

Address: Virkatalontie 3, 92130 Raahe.